The Five Sisters

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Welcome to Cinque Sorelle, the Five Sisters. In a mere 5 mile radius are nestled 5 tiny Italian hill towns, each with its unique character, traditions and attractions. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments and country houses of all sizes, are sprinkled around and through all the sisters, offering a wide range of choices in places to stay. Between our towns we have 12 family-run restaurants and cafes. We each have historic buildings and museums that capture our centuries-old skills. Throughout the year we have festivals to celebrate traditions, historic events and of course our local award-winning olive oils and wines. We are located between the great wine regions of brunello, chianti and vino nobile, 20 minutes west of the Autostrada, A-1.

This site was created just to introduce to you the Cinque Sorelle. The links to region-wide activities to the left reveal the unique offerings of each village within the Cinque Sorelle.

The links above will lead you to the special offerings of the individual villages within Cinque Sorelle.

Below you will find photographs of the area and a map of the region.

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